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Improving the quality of life for millions of women

Femeda is a UK based company focused on development
of medical devices for female urinary  incontinence.

Currently in the final stages of development Pelviva is a life-changing technological breakthrough
for the treatment of weak pelvic floor muscles that cause bladder leaks in women.


Femeda has filed over fifty patent applications via several patent families to protect the unique aspects of the Pelviva device that contribute to its efficacy and comfort.

Investor Support

Since Femeda was founded investors have been extremely supportive of the vision and ambition demonstrated by the business; most of the founding investors remain with the business today. This support has been actively demonstrated in several funding rounds over the past years. 


* December 2015
"Femeda pass CE audit again"
* June 2016
"Winner of Bright Ideas in Health Awards 2016: SME Innovation"
* September 2016
“New UK state of the art medical device manufacturing plant and head office base opened in Cramlington"

Supporting Evidence

* In a 12 week clinical study 84% of women using Pelviva experienced an improvement in bladder control
* Women using Pelviva for 12 weeks experienced a 4 times greater reduction in the impact that bladder leaks had on their lives when compared to women doing unsupervised pelvic floor muscle exercises

How Pelviva Works

Pelviva has been developed to be very easy to use
with just a pull tab to get it started. 
Made of soft foam each Pelviva contains a micro-processor that delivers the unique Pelviva reactive pulse technology to the Pelvic Floor muscles.